Innovative marketing,
community and collaboration solutions

The Estonian lifestyle marketing company Lifestyles Marketing OÜ (LM) will enter the market in the second half of 2024 with innovative marketing, community, and collaboration solutions. These enable a broad spectrum of people, companies, civil associations, the public sector, and various communities to obtain and share information and media content that interests them. It allows them to make themselves and their opportunities more visible, find friends, partners, and clients, and participate in various collaboration projects

Innovative Lifestyles Marketing's community and collaboration solutions, both national and global in scope, bring together enthusiasts, experts, and various stakeholders for industry-specific collaboration. This enables the raising of awareness in the field and promotes the development of innovative solutions. It contributes both to the promotion of a sense of unity within the community and to the general well-being and economic development of society.



Opportunity-rich and secure digital society - social network platforms for various interest groups, communities...


News portals, information portals, dating portals, marketing portals, and community portals offered as "turnkey" and "peace of mind" solutions.


Person marketing solutions that can also be used to promote brands, companies, communities, products and services.


Consultations, trainings, ideas, plans, campaigns, cooperation projects, advertising services, administrative services.


Initiation and organization of cultural events, festivals, campaigns, competitions and various cooperation projects.


Primarily producing, editing, and publishing media content that is positive, entertaining, and socially beneficial.


Don Simon Tompel, founder and leader of the lifestyle marketing company Lifestyles Marketing, is an entrepreneur who works as an innovator, idea generator, initiator, programmer, designer, developer, marketer, organizer, and freelance journalist.
His personal goal is to use his personal qualities, knowledge, and experience to support the synergetic development of technology and society, which is in harmony with nature and naturalness. He sees himself as a bridge builder who connects different fields and people to achieve harmonious and sustainable development. He does this through innovation, product development, and the creation of information, collaboration, and marketing solutions, always striving for a future-oriented approach. With his commitment to sustainable and responsible development, he creates new solutions that help society and technology to evolve and shine together.


Concepts are the basis of language and communication. Without concepts, it would be difficult for us to convey our thoughts and feelings to others. In other words, concepts are there for people to understand each other in the same way.

What is a Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is a person's way of life, which reflects their values, attitudes, interests, and behavior. It encompasses various areas, including nutrition, physical activity, work and rest regime, social relationships, hobbies, consumption habits, style of dressing, and environmental choices. Lifestyle is often strongly associated with a person's personal identity, cultural background, and social status.

What is a Community?

A community is a group of people who share a common geographical location, interests, values, goals, culture, history, or other common features. A community can be as small as a family or neighborhood, or as large as a city, state, or even an international group, like an online community, which connects people from all over the world. The purpose of communities is to create shared values, increase social cohesion, support and assist their members, and solve common problems. Communities provide individuals with a sense of security, a sense of belonging, support, and opportunities for interaction, cooperation, and development.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a broad field of business activity that involves various strategies and tactics aimed at understanding, creating, and delivering value to customers in order to achieve goals and profitability. Marketing includes both the design, pricing, advertising, selling, and distribution of products and services. It focuses on researching customers' needs and desires and fulfilling them to establish long-term relationships and ensure customer loyalty

What is Person Marketing?

Person Marketing, also known as personal branding, is a strategy used by people to create and manage their reputation. Its aim is to shape public opinion and create a strong personal brand. Person marketing encompasses various aspects, including but not limited to, highlighting skills and experience, expressing values and beliefs, and finding a unique voice. It also includes the use of social media, networking, creating content, and public speaking skills. Person marketing is particularly important for freelancers, entrepreneurs, public figures, and other professionals who wish to advance their career and business by creating a positive and distinctive personal brand.

What is Innovation?

Innovation refers to the development of ideas, methods, processes, products, or services that are significantly different and better than existing solutions. Innovative ideas can provide new opportunities, improve efficiency, increase profitability, or solve previously unsolved problems. Innovative companies, organizations, and people are those who are constantly seeking new ways to improve their operations, products, or services, using creative and innovative approaches. Innovation can occur in all areas of life, including science, technology, business, education, medicine, and culture.

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is a process where two or more individuals, groups, or organizations combine their forces, resources, and skills to achieve common goals or solve problems. The aim of collaboration is to share knowledge, ideas, and responsibility to achieve better results than acting alone. Collaboration involves communication, coordination, and mutual support to ensure the achievement of common objectives. Collaboration can occur among people, organizations, nations in various fields, such as business, science, education, social projects, etc.

What is Synergy?

Synergy is a concept that describes a situation where the collaboration of two or more elements, people, organizations, or systems results in a greater impact or outcome than each individual element acting separately. Synergy is based on the idea that working together can achieve more than just the sum of their individual contributions. Synergy can be found in business, scientific, and social sectors, where people or/and communities are working towards common goals.

What is a Turnkey Service?

A turnkey service means a ready-made solution that is delivered to customers in a ready-to-use form. This means that the company rents out a ready-made web software solution that is customized according to the customer's business model, needs, and visual identity. The customer can start using it immediately.

What is "peace of mind" Service?

A "peace of mind" service means that the service provider manages processes in which the client does not have sufficient competence, time, or is not the client's main activity. Since the company does not sell software solutions to customers but rents them along with management, customers can focus on their main activity and do not have to worry about the functioning of the web environment, whether it is a community platform or a portal.